[Review]Shara Shara Black Sunglass Eye Mask

Bought Shara Shara’s eye mask when I visited Macau. It’s a Korean cosmetic brand and they have very cute packaging similar to Etude House. Here’s the link to their official website: Shara Shara… Continue reading

[Review] Sunplay Ultra Shield Sunblock SPF 130

I’ve been using Sunplay’s SPF130 sunblock for almost 9 years  as they offer the highest SPF protection in the market. I started using sunblock as I got darker when participating in extracurricular activities when in secondary… Continue reading

[Review]K Brothers Rice Milk Soap

I first encountered K Brothers rice milk soap when I purchased the Rose Hydrosol from Meyer in Empire Subang. They sold 3 soaps for RM10 (if I remembered correctly, as they have a… Continue reading