[Review] SNP Don’t Worry Mask Pack

SNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

SNP Don’t Worry Mask Packs

SNP Dont Worry Mask packs are free from hypo-allergenic ingredients ( Paraben, Mineral Oil, Artificial Coloring & Phenoxyethanol).


SNP Don't Worry Mask PackSNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

These 2 are the wash off types.

Sleeping Beauty (Apple Mint Pore Pack) – Clay type

  • Contains effective pore tightening patent mint ingredients and Apple Mint extract to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells 


Maleficent (Coconut Elasticity Pack) – Gel type

  • Contains coconut extract to provide skin moisture and resilient to dry and saggy skin
SNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

Mask texture

SNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

After 5 minutes when it dried.

Thoughts: I’m able to ration the Apple Mint pore pack up to 3 times usage and the Coconut elasticity mask for only 1 time use. There’s no noticeable difference with the Coconut gel mask just that it does not dry up my skin after rinse.

The Apple Mint clay mask dries up in 5 minutes and my skin felt refreshing after rinse. Feels like dirt were being purged out of my pores. However, no noticeable reduction in pore size. 

SNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

SNP Don’t Worry Mango Sleeping Pack

Contains mango extract with excellent moisturizing for dull and dry skin. It provides moisture and nutrients for healthy and moist skin.

SNP Don't Worry Mask Pack

Transparent gel texture.


My skin felt amazingly soft the next morning. I applied this Mango sleeping mask on clean and dry skin without any serum. Used the entire 8 grams on my face and my skin absorbed the gel quickly. The mango scent is sweet and light. Love it!

If I were to repurchase, I will definitely get the Apple Mint pore pack and the Mango sleeping mask. The packaging is  convenient to carry and dispose while travelling. Also hygienic without the finger/spatula dipping. All three types are suitable for dry and sensitive skin.