[Review] The Aqua Mask Sheet by C&F Cosmetics

Came across these masks at AEON Wellness Pharmacy. The packaging looks simple and it was on sale  (MYR10 for 4 pieces). I have no idea what the brand name is as the descriptions are mostly in Korean. The “Made in Korea” is good enough for me to open my wallet and just take my money !!! Ahahaha..

The Aqua Mask Sheet

The Aqua Mask Sheet by C&F Cosmetics


I can’t find any product reviews nor descriptions online for this mask. They have Ginseng and Snail Aqua Mask  for sale without elaboration on ingredients and functions.

The Aqua Mask Sheet Cucumber : Skin Purifying  & Moisture

The Aqua Mask Sheet CucumberThe Aqua Mask Sheet Cucumber


The Aqua Mask Sheet Vitamin : Skin Purifying & Brightening

The Aqua Mask Sheet VitaminThe Aqua Mask Sheet Vitamin


The Aqua Sheet Mask Collagen : Skin Elasticity & Purifying

The Aqua Mask Sheet CollagenThe Aqua Mask Sheet Collagen


The Aqua Mask Sheet Aloe : Skin Purifying & Soothing

The Aqua Mask Sheet AloeThe Aqua Mask Sheet Aloe

The Aqua Sheet Mask by C&F Cosmetics

Mask inside pouch

The Aqua Sheet Mask by C&F Cosmetics

Mask sheet texture

The Aqua Sheet Mask by C&F Cosmetics

Soft and thin

From the back of the mask pouch, I found a website and you may visit their page here:  http://cnfcos.com/main.asp  

Apparently, the Aqua Mask Sheet is produced by C&F Cosmetics in Korea. It is a research and development company that manufactures facial sheet masks. They developed different kinds of masks such as cellulose and hydrogel mask, and skin care packaging.

Their clientele portfolio includes  Etude House, Missha , Tony Moly, Dr. Jart+, The Face Shop, Too School for School, Apieu, Nature Republic and Skin Food.  My expectations  were high since they develop and manufacture for well known Korean skin care brands, unfortunately I was left disappointed after using the Aqua Sheet Mask. Here’s why:

1. Essence is very watery like  toner. Flows down my neck and drips from mask pouch. Can get messy.

2.Even though essence is watery, maybe the ingredients and formula work wonders for the skin?  Too bad, my face felt dry after removing the mask. It’s like using a toner with high alcohol ingredients on dry sensitive skin, then leaving one’s skin feeling taut & tight. 

3. The mask sheet texture is soft and thin where it adheres well on skin. However, it  dries up pretty fast compared to other brands that are equally soft and thin. The cloth dried in about 5 minutes (Aloe & Cucumber mask particularly!). Would be suitable to prep skin before make up in the morning.

Overall, this Aqua mask sheet series is not suitable for me. 😦