[Review] Berrisom Animal Face Mask x Horror Mask x Peking Opera Mask

Finally got my hands on Berrisom Animal mask! Any mask sheet priced over MYR6 per piece is expensive to me and I would usually get brands selling from MYR 2-4. I got these from iQueen.my as they are having a promotion of MYR22 for 5 pieces. They usually retail at  MYR13++ per piece.

Each Berrisom mask (Animal series, Horror series & Peking Opera series) are filled with 25ml essence containing  herbal ingredients, glacial milk and ceramide for moisture. Other natural ingredients includes: Coptiluronic acid, Licorice extract, Ginger extract, Omija extract, Allantoin, Green Tea extract. 

Tiger (Red Ginseng)- firms rough & dry skin

The ginseng smell is strong when I first opened the mask but subsided later when placed on face. The material felt a little scratchy on my skin although it is made from 100% organic cotton. This is one of my favorite from Berrisom’s animal mask series because my skin felt moisturized and soft after use. 


Sheep (Vitamin C + Arbutin)- brightens skin tone, even out complexion, radiant bright glow & shiny skin

The smell isn’t that strong. Skin tone brightens after use.


Panda (Blackberry) – antioxidant, rejuvenating & moisturizing for clear and lively skin

Faint berry smell. This mask was ok for me. Nothing spectacular.

Cat (Collagen)-marine collagen for skin resilience & moisture

This Cat mask provides hydration to skin just like any other mask.  I think I look cute though :p

Monkey Series (Snail) – provide moisture & nourishment for rough dry skin

The snail essence isn’t thick and “slimy”. Works well by providing moisture and softens skin.

Dog Series (Hyaluronic Acid) – Moisture for rough dry skin

I really love this series as the Hyaluronic acid is suitable for my dry skin. The essence did not leave a glossy finish after use and my skin looks plumped.


Raccoon Mask Series: (Placenta + Adnosine) – anti-aging, increase skin density for resilience

The Raccoon mask has additional leftover essence, more than the other series. Smells a little funny but it fades away after few minutes.

Horror Mask Series: Skull (Black Rice) – Brightening for dull skin

 I like this one as there’s noticeable brightening after removing mask. 


Horror Mask Series: Pierrot (Green Tea) – Moisturizing, soothing & Anti-wrinkle for rough dry skin

I do not look flattering with this mask on. *CRIES* Not even scary, just weird and ugly *CRIES*

Peking Opera Series: King (Pearl & Arbutin)-brightening & skin elasticity


Peking Opera Series: Queen (Red Wine & Adnosime)-brightening & anti-aging

Berrisom’s mask sheets are  made from 100% organic cotton  and is great for sensitive skin! However I find it slightly scratchy and would prefer a softer texture.

Their essence are not too slimy nor watery, and easily absorbed by skin. The ones that I felt most comfortable with was the Tiger mask (Red ginseng), Sheep mask (Vitamin C + Arbutin), Skull mask (Black Rice) and King Mask (Pearl + Arbutin)

I had tons of fun selfie-ing  with Berrisom animal and character mask! Eye-ing out for sales promo so I can try their other characters as well~!