[Review] Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

Received my Funcare Collagen via post yesterday morning and I’m feeling freaking ecstatic ! I’ve been consuming Kinohimitsu’s and Lennox’s collagen supplement for over a year (Thanks to awesome sales and competitive pricing 😛 ) , and I’m looking forward to switch from liquid to powder formula.

You can purchase this  product from iQueen.my at MYR135.92. I can’t find the same collagen powder from other online stores and pharmacy. However, hermo.my and beautystall.com  does carry other Funcare’s collagen product such as the Hello Kitty Edition and Funcare’s “fat burner” supplements.

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

Funcare Patented Collagen Powder (196grams/bag). 

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

Description in Chinese

Main Ingredients: small-molecular fish collagen(5.5g), patented chicken cartilage extract (contains type 2 collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin), lotus germ, vitamin C (100mg), 8 types of lactobacillus (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus lactis, and Lactobacillus salivarius), xylooligosaccharides, inulin, natural vitamin K(MK-7), and nanometer calcium.

Functions :  To improve skin elasticity, hydration, and skin condition.

To maintain healthy bones and teeth by promoting calcium absorption.

To improve bowel movements.

Source: iQueen.my

The bag  has 196 grams  of powder which can last for approximately 28 days. I watched some short clips online and apparently it’s a super hot item that most Taiwanese female celebrities will consume. Another reason for Funcare’s Collagen powder popularity is the low amount of calories per serving (26Kcal) compared to other collagens in the market. You can check out the Youtube videos in Chinese here. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Those celebs/bloggers/beauty gurus shared how they  consumed the collagen powder. Some includes :

1) scattering the powder over salad, fries, dessert, etc

2) Mixing into your coffee, soy milk, bubble milk tea, orange juice, soup

3) Eating the collagen powder directly or mixing with plain water. Consuming it once you wake up, and once before sleep. 

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

A nice milky vanilla scent. No fishy nor chicken cartilage smell 😛

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

One scoop is equivalent to 7 grams. It is advised to consume one to two scoops per day and over consumption will not lead to any additional benefits.

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

Mixing it into my luke warm coffee. Strong vanilla milky scent. Can’t wait for my first taste!

Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

While mixing the powder,  it wasn’t that easy to  dilute as described from all those videos I’ve watched. The powder kinda caramelized and clumps into one piece of stickiness. I left my coffee to cool down for 40 minutes while I took my shower. Thus, it is not very hot when I added the supplement.


After stirring for quite some time. Pushed the sticky clump to the side of my glass and pressed it to break it apart.

Okay…I can try consuming it in another way next time, maybe it will mix and dilute better.

Regarding the taste, the powder totally altered my coffee and made it taste weird.

It is  NOT “tasteless” or Extremely “TASTY”as mentioned by those celebs from the videos. “Oh… my milk tea still tasted like milk tea~! Mmmm.. my coffee tastes so good and yeah really no taste at all~! Woooowwww~! ” *Rolls eyes back and forth*

 Not a big deal but I’m very disappointed that what they RAVED about wasn’t accurate. I had really high expectations for this product thanks to them 😦

Back to the taste. Some sips I took tasted like milk that is a little sour mix collagen, some sips tasted like fish (similar to the taste of liquid collagen supplements). I can smell the vanilla milk + collagen + fish smell after I’m done drinking. So it kinda lingers around the mouth and tongue.

I think I will try consuming it directly the next time and provide an update. So far, it is easy to consume since I’m used to the collagen + fish + chicken cartilage smell. I’m hoping it will provide some noticeable results after I’m done with this bag of collagen powder 😛


Funcare Unique Patented Formula Collagen Powder

I started mixing the powder with my overnight cold oatmeal and I find this a much better combination compared to coffee.  The frothy vanilla flavor enhances the taste of my oatmeal which is yummy~~ ❤  Sometimes  I couldn’t even taste the collagen powder when I have a larger serving of oatmeal.  No noticeable difference after 10 days of continuous daily consumption. Will continue updating 😀

[Update 2]

After completing the 196 grams of collagen powder, I noticed a tiny difference with my skin condition- in terms of plumpness and hydration. My skin looks slightly plumped after about 20 days. Maybe my body isn’t absorbing the nutrients well or 1 packet is not enough. I bought another can, the Hello Kitty Pearl powder collagen from Funcare’s collagen range. You can read my review here.