[Online Haul] Kinohimitsu Health & Beauty Supplement

I’ve been consuming Kinohimitsu’s collagen drinks for a year due to my skin condition. I have dark acne scars and hoping that these beauty supplement will help improve my complexion.

I got my Kinohimitsu health and beauty supplements during Thanksgiving sales last year from Kinohimitsu’s website, GEMFIVE, Guardian online store and Qoo10. Feels like I’m overdosing myself with supplements and overworking my liver. Anyhow, will post a review soon for each products 😛


Peppermint & Ginger Detox Tea, Collagen BB Drink, Eye Lutein, Prowhite & Bio-booster

Kinohimitsu Health & Beauty Supplement

Kinohimitsu Stem Cell and Blackmores 10,000mg collagen