[Review] Oseque Melting Cleanser

I am looking for all- in- one cleansing products that works effectively. Currently I am using Bifesta cleansing water to remove my eye makeup, then using extra virgin coconut oil for my neck and face, lastly a foam cleanser as my third cleanse. Sometimes, I will add another step by using clay mask to remove hidden impurities and further unclogged my pores. I think I am doing too much which might harm my skin (>.<) LOLZ ~

According to the beauty advisor from SaSa, this melting cleanser and carbonated mask is sufficient in removing heavy makeup, at the same time providing moisture to one’s skin and acts gently in removing dead skin cells. She also said I do not need a second cleanse with foam cleanser. You can check out their official website for more prodcuts with English descriptions  www.iOseque.com


Oseque Melting Cleanser


Information in Korean


Price in HKD and usage directions. Use on dry face with dry hands o~


Dispensing nozzle


Testing time~


No bubbles yet


After 1 minute. No huge bubbles or fizzy soda sound effects. The foam formed really slowly on my hand. I actually applied some foundation lightly on half of my hand (right side)


I was getting impatient after waiting for about 3 minutes. I expected a lot of bubbles to grow almost immediately especially on dry skin, and some foam to appear for cleansing. I massaged my skin to remove the thin layer of foundation, you can see the  residue on my hand.

I’ve also tried using the melting cleanser on my face. I used 3 full pumps on dry skin using dry hands but the bubbles did not appear. Just a thin white layer as pictured on my hand earlier.

It is also tricky to rinse off as it has a gel like and slimy texture. For some reason, I’m not confident with the product and had to use a foam cleanser for a second cleanse.

Will give few more tries and update. Not liking the Oseque melting cleanser so far 😦