[Review] Glam Fox Korea Anti Big Face Mask

I bought these mask because of their cute packaging. Haven’t seen them in Malaysia and I hope it’s worth the try :p The Glam Fox mask was priced at HKD 110 and the Big Face Cream was priced at HKD 198. There was a special promotion for December (2015) where you pay HKD 220 for both mask and cream.


The other two envelopes in Blue and Orange are from another brand (Dr. Lola’s Choice). I thought they were from Glam Fox, but after a closer look it’s not 😀


Typical beauty stigma


You see la, you see…


Claims to moisturize & firms skin


Back of the envelope. Mostly in Korean language I can’t read 😦


5 individually packed mask per envelope


Back of the mask

I used this mask after applying Glam Fox Big Face Cream. It has a burning + cooling + numbing sensation that ISN’T painful.

It’s like I’ve applied Vicks Vaporub on my face (>.<). The sensation did not bother me as it was cooling and a different experience compared to regular mask sheets.

The mask moisturizes my skin but I’m not too sure about firming after the burning+cooling+numbing feeling. Hahaha…

Just another product with attractive packaging.