[Review] Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Finally I received my Lalavesi Akma Cushion from Korea! 5555~  (T.T)  It took forever as I placed my order on Dec 9, 2015 and  received my package today (Jan 14, 2016). It was done through a seller I found on Facebook, and the order was delayed because of Black Friday event 😦 In addition, their supplier in Korea had difficulties  collecting the Pink Ice Cute Edition for me.

Anyways, this post will be based on my first impression of the cushion as I’ve not tested on my face. I can’t wait to blog as I’ve anticipated the Lalavesi cushion for a very LONGGGG time!!  It was an impulse purchase and I’m super duper excited to receive my package  !!!!! Weeeeeeeee~


Too kan cheong to take out one by one, terus overturn the box on my bed :p


The cushion, puffs and sample cream


Free samples with purchase


Samples laid out


Toner and emulsion samples


My Lalavesi Akma Cushions~!!!!


My favorite design~! AKCU Vacation


Back of the box


Baby Pink Ice Cute Edition


Back of the box


Silver Love Summer Edition


Back of the box


Jeng jeng jeng~~~ They are actually empty cases without the cushion. I thought it came with the cushion and I got extra refills from my purchase. Unfortunately NOPE! After checking my order sheet, I wasn’t over billed  by the seller. They purchased the case and refill separately for me.


I got the S.S (Special Summer) Season, in  Y2 shade


Back of the box


Safety seal at the bottom with shade type


Unboxing the refill




Just push the refill down and it clasps easily ~ In case you’re wondering, the mirror ain’t blue. It’s a protective film that I’ve yet to remove :p


Anti-bacterial puff


Testing time~!


Removed the seal


Clean puff. The puff’s texture is more velvety, micro fibre-ish compared to Laneige, Iope and Etude house’s puff


First dab on cushion


After blending over my hand, the foundation looks cakey and my skin feels dry. Can’t really see from the picture but it looks matte with naked eyes


Puff’s condition after blending . It absorbed a lot of the liquid during my first dab.


Under natural sunlight

First impression: Very dry and matte.

Prolly should have got the F.W (for winter) season as my skin type is dry. It was an impulse purchase after watching Beauty Bible on KBS World and I did not do my research prior to buying.

The S.S (Summer Special) Classic which I’ve bought has “French Volcanic Ash” ingredients for oil control; S.S Natural has “USA Lime extract”.

The S.F (Spring Fall) Classic has “Italian yogurt”; S.F Natural has “Italian yogurt” and “USA lime extract”.

The F.W (For Winter) Classic has “Organic Honey and Diamond Powder”; can’t find F.W natural and I don’t think they have it. Here’s the link to their official website: http://en.lalavesi.com/Product/Category/list/cid/100 


Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Skin after basic skin care (toner & moisturizer) No primer, no sunblock.

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

The other side

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Ready for 1st application


Lalavesi Akma Cushion

After blending in 1st application

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

The other side

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Close up

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Applying 2nd layer of foundation.

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Close up

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

Other side after 2nd application

Lalavesi Akma Cushion

I accidentally pressed too hard on the cushion. Wasn’t too messy though 😛

Verdict :

Super Duper DRY !!! 😦

The special summer (S.S)  Classic range with French Volcanic Ash ingredient (oil control) is NOT suitable for me. This foundation doesn’t last long and makeup looks blotchy in about 2 hours after application. That is when my T-zone turns oily and the Y2 shade is too “white”.

Coverage for Redness is 100%, medium coverage for dark acne scars.

Definitely can’t be used indoors if you work in an air conditioned office. Too cakey.