[Review] Rosette Family Size Cleansing Paste

Read and watched positive reviews about Rosette’s clay mask cleansers. I saw the tube packaging selling at Guardian  and bought these Rosette cleansing paste from SaSa Hong Kong.


My beauty haul from SaSa’s Hong Kong Store


Blue for Dry Rough skin, Pink for Normal skin


Price in HKD and expiration date


Functions of the cleansing paste




Rosette Cleansing Paste with container cap


The paste in Pink container (for normal skin) looks creamier than the paste in  Blue container (for dry rough skin)


Have to press firmly for the paste to push through. Hard to control the amount as it comes out thick and  long. The texture is harder than regular cleansers.


Firstly, it smells like rotten egg that has been left in a moldy cupboard for 100 years. I believe the ingredients with medicinal properties attributed to the smell  (>.<)

Aside from that, I’m very satisfied with the results. The paste does not produce a lot of foam. The texture is similar to Vaseline but a bit creamier.



My face felt comfortable when I lather the formula on as it feels like I’m massaging my face using a cold cleansing cream. You can literally feel and hear the “squeak” when rinsing. Yay to squeaky clean skin!

After rinsing thoroughly, Rosette’s cleansing paste  did not leave any lingering dryness. In fact, I do think that my skin looks smoother and feels much softer, even after the first use.

Since I’ve tired both, I prefer the paste in Blue container for dry rough skin. The formula for normal skin works equally well but since I have dry skin, the other one felt better.


Bought the Rosette facial cleansers from Guardian. The smell isn’t choking strong  like the paste cleansers and is almost odorless. Texture is softer, less soapy and more slippery compared to the paste. I felt that my skin is “cleaner” with the paste compared to their facial wash.

Rosette Ghassoul Facial Wash

White clay for moisturizing & firm skin.

Rosette Ghassoul Facial Wash
Rosette Ghassoul Facial WashRosette Ghassoul Facial Wash

Rosette Ghassoul Facial Wash

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Rosette Ghassoul Facial Wash