[Review] Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream EX

I’ve always used acne skin care products to combat acne issues and whitening products to lighten my  acne scars. Last year, I’ve decided to switch  from acne range to hydrating range because my skin felt extremely dry and I have less acne issues. My skin flaked around the nose, cheeks, mouth and chin area and face felt taut really fast after cleansing. When at work, the  strong air conditioning in my office does not help either.

Laneige is well known for their water base product, so I gave it a try.


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Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream EX



The beauty advisor from Laneige recommended the gel formula as cream will be too oily . I insisted on getting the cream formula since I was my own doctor and yeah, it IS too heavy on my skin.

HOWEVER, it worked really really well  when  I’m in the office for 7 hours  with strong air conditioning. Before using Laneige’s EX water bank cream, my skin felt really dry like it’s about to crack and it felt really uncomfortable. My makeup looked  disgusting as it caked up really bad on the creases of my face. By using the water bank cream, my foundation adhere much better as my skin is well hydrated. I brought the cream to Hong Kong as it was winter in December, and it performed effectively by providing strong  moisture protection barrier to my skin.

After using the cream for 3 weeks [Pea size amount as picture with spatula when I go to work, half the amount when at home with no air cond], my skin condition is not that dry anymore. It hydrates well as it claims where skin looks supple and vital. It absorbs well, lightly scented with fresh smell and does not cause any skin troubles-such as small bumps/tiny acne.

Would recommend  this cream if you have extremely dry skin, and the GEL cream if you have combination dry skin.