[Review]K Brothers Rice Milk Soap

I first encountered K Brothers rice milk soap when I purchased the Rose Hydrosol from Meyer in Empire Subang. They sold 3 soaps for RM10 (if I remembered correctly, as they have a PWP price) and I really liked the fresh scent. It was my first time using herbal and 100% natural soaps as I usually use shower gels.

Here’s a pic of the soap which I’ve bought as PWP with the Rose Hydrosol.



According to info provided by online retailers, the soap can be used as a facial cleanser and body soap. The main function is to brighten skin tone to make your skin fairer, smoother, firmer, brighter and enhance skin elasticity. Others include:

  1. improving skin condition to look more supple and radiant
  2. helps to get rid of all dirt, oil and dead skin cell
  3. clear acne and reduce oil
  4. remove make up and leaving skin clean
  5. brighten dark areas and uneven skin tones such  as armpit area, elbows, knees, groin and neck.

After using it, I love the fresh pleasing fragrance on my skin. Initially I used it as a facial cleanser ONLY as I have tons of dark acne scars all over my face, and uneven skin tone around the mouth area. Also, continuous acne growth (Y.Y).Though the soap has a few rice grain that acts as exfoliants, I could not feel the scrubbing/exfoliating effect. 

K Brothers milk Soap

Jasmine rice grains.

The jasmine rice soap does not leave my skin dry after washing, and it does NOT clear up any of the scars nor acne.  However, it brightened up my skin tone when used on body. It is very foamy and I finished one soap in 2 weeks! I think the reason is because I placed the soap inside my Daiso’s Japanese wash cloth, which makes the soap produces tons of foam and finishes faster. Now I lather the soap first before using the wash cloth :p

My skin feels smoother and supple after using it continuously. My arms are much darker than my legs, and I see noticeable difference with a brighter skin tone. Really happy with the soap and I went online to purchase more. Bought a few pieces from Qoo10 during 2015’s Black Friday promotion, where it is selling for RM1 per piece.

K Brothers Rice Milk Soap

Can’t wait to try them all. Weee~ !!

Currently I’ve used the carrot and pomegranate flavors, they smelled really gooooddd. Overall, 2 thumbs up for K brothers soap !


Soaps without the boxes.

Creates foam easily. Feels very smooth and creamy on skin. Love it!