[Review] Sunplay Ultra Shield Sunblock SPF 130

I’ve been using Sunplay’s SPF130 sunblock for almost 9 years  as they offer the highest SPF protection in the market. I started using sunblock as I got darker when participating in extracurricular activities when in secondary school. My skin started to peel after constant and long exposure under the sun,  sometimes it hurts really bad especially on my face, back of the neck, chest and arms.

The tan lines looked ridiculous ugly as well, thus prompted me to start looking at sunblocks (>.<). Nivea and Biore’s sunblock used to be popular as they are cheaper and more valuable. However, Nivea’s sunscreen will melt when you are under the sun and heat. The liquid will flow into your eyes and it stings like CRAZY. Nivea’s sunblock causes many embarrassing moments where people have to tell me to wipe off the whitish yellowish liquid on my neck and face. Since then, I’ve ditch Nivea and became very loyal to Sunplay!


What I love about this Sunblock is that you do not need frequent application and it does NOT melt when you are outdoors. (Waterproof + Sweatproof )

[Update] After some sunblock/sunscreen education, we need to reapply every couple of hours for better protection. Higher SPF figures provides a false sense of security where people think they can stay longer under the sun without protection. Thus, increasing the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, skin redness, etc. Also, there is no 100% sun protection product in the market- best to wear a hat, use an umbrella or look for shade. I’ve changed my application habits now by reapplying every 3 – 4 hours.


I always stock up on 3 bottles

The sunblock is lightweight and moisturizing. Previously it will cause dryness as the liquid will turn powdery matte. My arms, neck and legs felt extremely dry and itches ! However, I think they improved the formula throughout the years as I realize it wasn’t as matte as before, and it felt more comfortable and moisturizing after application. It absorbs much faster and easily on my skin.



Nozzle close up

You can squeeze the bottle gently and glide the liquid on larger surface areas such as your legs, arms and back. Remember to shake well before use!


Sunblock  spread out


After application

I do not use it on my face as it whitens my skin- only on my neck, chest, arms and legs.  I apply lower SPF protection (usually SPF50) as foundations and BB cushions comes with SPF as well.

When in shower, you might need to use a body scrub or wash cloth to completely clean your skin, as I find it difficult to remove with soap only. In conclusion, I only trust Sunplay SPF130 Ultra Shield Sunblock for outdoor activities.